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He began the journey as Jerome Mark Antil…

Jerry Antil 9488-2…now he’s just, Jerry. 

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Imagine growing up during WWII.  Many can’t and don’t know what it was like living during a time when more than seventy million people were being killed worldwide.  Jerry remembers, as do his friends.  Now you can. Most of them remember Pearl Harbor. Together they bring you stories of tall tales rooted in the truth…that get taller in the telling.

Book one started it all – Jerry Antil wrote The Pompey Hollow Book Club -narrated by ten year old Jerry just after his family moved from the city, Cortland to the Currier and Ives dairy farm country, Delphi Falls, of upstate central New York .  You meet his family and new friends.  You learn their characters, their dreams.  You watch them stumble into misadventures and figure their way out.  Named BOOKS & AUTHORS – Book of the Year – 2012 – this novel is loved by every age, worldwide – grade four on up to WWII Veterans.  Antil was named ‘Writer of the Year’ by a Syracuse University press.

Native_Cover_3695924.indd“A heartfelt story about growing up in the shadow of World War II.” KIRKUS
“…it will be a hard-hearted reader who won’t chuckle at least once.” KIRKUS
“It reads like a NORMAN ROCKWELL painting.” Ron Masak – Actor, Author

Book two – Jerry Antil  wrote The Book of Charlie – Spirit of the Pompey Hollow Book Club.  Ole Charlie narrates this adventure.  There’s good reason.  Ole Charlie pretty much sees all.  A Coming-of-Age, Historical Fiction novel.  Now teenagers, this is the first of a 1953 Trilogy for the gang.  Passionate about the planning Ike went through readying for the D Day Invasion – Jerry and the gang copied the ‘dummy army’ genius from Eisenhower and successfully captured two WWII – POW escapees, (a bit long in the tooth) who had fallen through the cracks of peacetime rural America. A backdrop that is historically accurate – the adventure begins in the late spring and ends on Halloween night.  A Ben Franklin Awards ranking of ‘top ten’ – Young Adult – Historical Fiction literature 2014.

16878870_4475051_COVER Proof-2
“…it’s a delightful read.” KIRKUS
“A beautiful balance of action and warmth.” KIRKUS
“Reminiscent of Huckleberry Finn.” FOREWORD REVIEWS – 5 STARS


Book three – Jerry Antil followed up with the series with the third on the 1953 Trilogy – Mary Crane – Seance with Sherlock!  What better way is there to learn about the historic D Day invasion of Normandy than to see it through the eyes of a paratrooper who was dropped into France before the beaches were raided?  Down on his luck, this WWII veteran gets an assist from the club in return for his helping them solve another mystery.  Sir Arther Conan Doyle makes an appearance in this novel…but he does help solve the crime, after all.  The adventure is afoot!  Also, introducing the first novel with QR readable, audio and visual sound effects.

Mary Crane
                   “This wholesomely earnest novel is peppered with a dash of old-school mischief…”                                        FOREWORD REVIEW – 5 STARS
“…a traveling theater group, and a grade school teacher with some pretty impressive skills as a con artist.” FOREWORD REVIEWS – 5 STARS


Book four – Jerry Antil tells it like it was in. . .Hemingway, Three Angels, and Me – Coming in October 2016 – the novel promises to be everything Jerry thought it would be when it was inspired nearly sixty years ago.  Narrated by Jerry himself, this book can be a stepping stone to relationship bonding worldwide…beginning with our neighbors.



Jerome Mark Antil may be Jerry Antil now – but the impressions this series continues to make on the WWII America nostalgia buffs, never stops bringing a smile to the heart.







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