Jerome Mark Antil’s Book Inspirations (#1)


…and anytime grandparents.

(Genre: Self Help- Family)

   “When my daughter was four, her mother took her, left me and moved five hours away. My daughter had her grandmother get me on the phone – and when she did my daughter made me promise her three things – to never tell her a fib – to never miss a visitation and to tell her bedtime stories about what it was like when I grew up. 

   “When my little girl was twelve, she told me – “You did really good Daddy, why don’t you write a book to help other daddies like you.”

   “For a number of years, I would sit down to begin writing my thoughts.  For years I would break into tears and stop. I would sob, not for what we went through, but for how my little girl told me “You did really good, Daddy.” 

   “One day I read the statistics—that 75% of childhood suicides and runaways come from fatherless homes. When I did write it – it was written in one day, selling in seventeen countries and every state in America.” Jerome Mark Antil

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