Jerome Mark Antil is Acadian Longfellow

One More Last Dance get’s rave reviews and New York Times Bestselling author nod.

“It’s heartwarming, funny, poignant, and has some of the most memorable characters I have ever met on a page. (And that’s saying a lot.)”

~ Tom Hyman, Author (Jupiter’s Daughter – Seven Days to Petrograd)

“If there is one book you read this year, Jerome Antil’s “One More Last Dance” should be it! You will be transported to a world created with beautiful luminosity by Antil. Pearls of wisdom are liberally dispensed throughout the work regarding friendship, love, music and the memories that bind us. You will not put this book down until the very last page has been adoringly consumed. This is a sweeping story about the power of generosity you won’t soon forget.

– Stacy Slotnick, The Huffington Post

“An adventure-driven novel chronicles an eventful road trip taken by a dying man and the Cajun French version of Forrest Gump.  A delightfully quirky tale both unpredictable and affecting.”

~Kirkus Review

One More Last Dance    Revised Edition


Jerome Mark Antil

                           Jerome Mark Antil


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