I got a letter from a lady from Germany today…

I like writing about growing up with the children of WWII.  My MARY CRANE  and Pompey Hollow Book Club series was our world, at the time – it was my friends…our rural America – our imaginations.         …even today it’s hard to explain what it was like growing up anywhere in the world during the near decade

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Jerome Mark Antil message to School Teachers – “Literacy is as simple as a,b,c.”

Two of the the 3Rs are for the written word, for Pete’s sake.  Isn’t it time we refocus our approach on literacy in America? We’re doing it backwards – my opinion, of course.  We intimidate the young with grammar and spelling – and they freeze up by the time they are in the third grade. Get a child excited about

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Post WWII Inspired Adventure Series – First to Bring ‘Sound Effects’ to Book Pages!

  MARY CRANE and a Pompey Hollow Book Club Seance with Sherlock!  by Jerome Mark Antil “In the autumn of 1953, the Book Club and friends find themselves caught up in a caper involving a former war pilot and a crafty British pickpocket, while Ole Charlie meets fellow angel and revered author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. There are barn chores

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MARY CRANE and a Pompey Hollow Book Club Seance with Sherlock! earns ‘book’s series’ a 2nd – 5 STAR Review!

FOREWORD REVIEWS… …pulls no punches.  It’s another five stars for Antil! “This wholesomely earnest novel is peppered with a dash of old-school mischief and fun. Jerome Mark Antil’s Mary Crane and a Pompey Hollow Book Club Séance with Sherlock, the latest installment in the adventures of the Pompey Hollow kids, continues the group’s spirited adventures. The club members—all boys except

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The Pompey Hollow Book Club book series – Passionate About Literacy!

His twelve year old daughter asked him to write a book of his bedtime stories about growing up in the shadows of WWII. When he asked if she remembered them, she sat at the breakfast table and wrote down the subject lines of forty two stories. He wrote The Pompey Hollow Book Club – an episodic novel from his bedtime

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