Antil Philanthropy let’s School Children Writers reach for the Stars!

It all started more than a dozen years and ten thousand children ago. “Two of the three “R’s” I grew up with,” says Antil, “are for the written word. We’re getting it all backwards and scaring children from reading, books and libraries that can take their minds anywhere they want to go.” Best known for his award winning Pompey Hollow

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Jerry Antil – The Pompey Hollow Book Club series – History

He began the journey as Jerome Mark Antil… …now he’s just, Jerry.  Say hello to Jerry Antil Imagine growing up during WWII.  Many can’t and don’t know what it was like living during a time when more than seventy million people were being killed worldwide.  Jerry remembers, as do his friends.  Now you can. Most of them remember Pearl Harbor.

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“Racial and Cultural Bullying can end at a table – a Supper Table” – Antil

Edited EDITORIAL LETTER Hemingway, Three Angels, and Me, by Jerome Mark Antil Overview Hemingway, Three Angels, and Me tells the unique story of a boy who witnesses the prejudice of the Jim Crow era firsthand and then enlists his friends, family members, and neighbors to help Anna Kristina, one victim of that prejudice. The themes of the novel, including racial

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Hemingway and Antil – ‘Papa’ and ‘Pompey’ team up and become a Christmas Story book for the ages…

The time has never been more right…to begin to make things right.


The Best Christmas Story I’ve Never Told – Coming in October 2016!