Jerome Mark Antil is Acadian Longfellow

One More Last Dance get’s rave reviews and New York Times Bestselling author nod. “It’s heartwarming, funny, poignant, and has some of the most memorable characters I have ever met on a page. (And that’s saying a lot.)” ~ Tom Hyman, Author (Jupiter’s Daughter – Seven Days to Petrograd) “If there is one book you read this year, Jerome Antil’s

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2017 Media – Above the Law!

Mark 2017 down as a national ‘watershed’ moment in the United States of America. It was when the media followed the example of our president’s weapon of public humiliation to bring someone, anyone he pointed it towards, down. Following his lead, the media took it upon its own to take sexual harassment complaints directly into the public court for trial

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International SILVER – Book Award goes to – Hemingway, Three Angels, and Me – by Jerome Mark Antil

‘A fascinating, totally unputdownable historical gem. A Silver Medal Winner and highly recommended.’ ~ The Wishing Shelf Book Awards Readers’ Comments ‘A wonderfully written historical novel. It covers so many aspects of life back then, from prejudice to the effects of the Second World War. The writing style light and, thankfully, not overly descriptive. The author depends on speech to

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“Preventing a Life Time of Self Inflicting Servitude – There’s More to You Than Black, Female, or Gay.”

A Survival Guide for any 10-year-old American Jerome Mark Antil (If you can’t read, have someone read it to you.) Don’t trust anyone to raise you.  Today you must raise yourself. 1. Find someone who likes to read and get them to read to you every week. Have them read a chapter or a book to you, but do it

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Author, Literacy Advocate, Antil, Gifts School $50,000

“Stand up and be accountable,” Jerome Mark Antil said, encouraging high school students with historic American heritage. “You can choose to make a difference in your lifetimes.” Author Jerome Mark Antil and wife Pamela Berkin Antil walked the school’s halls in awe – realizing they were both alive when history was made at the very same school they were now

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