The Long Stem is in the Lobby

The Long Stem is in The Lobby
ISBN: 9780984718764
Pages: 364

A Finalist in the Foreword INDIEFAB BOOK OF THE YEAR awards. 
Reminiscences of a young writer 1959 -1973. It's a tender first love gone desperately awry. Three hundred pages or more of a journey from a self-imposed homelessness one college freshman summer to one of setting standards and breaking records in the world of marketing time after time. All documented, it's an adventure story and a marketing textbook. A story of how three great mentors, the author's own father, (a marketing genius); a university vice president, (President of Public Relations Society of America); and ultimately a Proctor and Gamble marketing whiz kid on his way to becoming the head of marketing for world renown Coca Cola and Columbia Pictures were all the serendipity this young writer needed to learn how to fly with eagles and how to land on the top of the pile in any adventure he undertook. They picked up the pieces of a broken heart in stages and put this complicated Humpty-Dumpty back together one episode at a time. Read how they each inspired him, at the exact time he needed their genius, and how he listened and learned how to ultimately grapple with television advertising's coming of age while many others still groped. Learn his devotion to his first true love and ultimately how he got himself through his own awkward coming of age. It's full of love, laughs, tears and inspiration, and it's all true.


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