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Jerome Mark Antil’s Book Inspirations (#1)

HANDBOOK FOR WEEKEND DADS …and anytime grandparents. (Genre: Self Help- Family)    “When my daughter was four, her mother took her, left me and moved five hours away. My daughter had her grandmother get me on the phone – and when she did my daughter made me promise her three things – to never tell her a fib - to
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Jerome Mark Antil Stories Bring 20th Century America to Life

HOME ON THE RANGE – Nonfiction Available in Hardcover; Kindle; AUDIOBOOK “Winsome stories of love and unbreakable bonds, notwithstanding tragedy or years of separation.” Kirkus Book Reviews HOME ON THE RANGE is a retitled second edition of (Return to Tiffany’s) – a book of short stories about the solid family grounding Jerry had growing up. The book delves back to
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Jerome Mark Antil, Storyteller and Spinner of Tall Tales

Jerome Mark Antil—the seventh child of a seventh son of a seventh son. Born at sunrise it’s been told by his parents Mary Holman Antil and Michael C. Antil Sr. He was the first of eight siblings to stay alert all day and sleep through the night from the moment he was born. He was to be the family writer—and
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God Speed Mary Abbott – You Left Your Mark on the World and on Me – Jerome Mark Antil

The inimitable Mary Abbott was born in 1921 - long before women were encouraged to express themselves. Low and behold, this marvelously talented lady - and she was very much a lady to the very end - took self expression to a level which brought Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, William de Kooning to her table. In fact the renown William
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A One-Man Publishing and Marketing Machine, Friar Jerry Antil Has Write Stuff ~ By Tripp Whetsell

Google Friar, author, philanthropist and children’s literacy advocate Jerome Mark Antil’s name and 91,300 results pop up give or take. That’s a phenomenal metric by virtually any measure, although it’s the first link leading to his author’s blog, which reads: “I like to write novels that read like scrapbooks” that packs the biggest wallop...   ...and while such a bold
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