2015 Elementary School Story Writing Contests Inspire more than a Thousand young authors!

Imagine getting asked to stand up and get applause just for writing a story…in kindergarten!  Imagine a kindergartner learning to write a fifty word or hundred word story.  Imagine a published author, sitting on the floor with the students from K through fifth grade – and answering their questions – giving them ideas and encouraging them on…Fifty Million 470 (While flunking me in Latin, Miss Doxtator wrote on the upper left hand corner of an English composition I had written, “This is the loveliest Autumn I have read about.”)…Jerome Mark Antil

For ten years, I’ve tried to pass that encouragement on to young people everywhere.  I sponsor ‘story writing’ contests…totally voluntary – and always have more stories submitted than there are students in the schools.

One of the poorest schools in New York State – with more than 400 students – turned in nearly 1,200 stories this year.  This little girl won for kindergarten.





11329747_10203161711123553_7999232681926702430_n  At my old Alma Mater – my wife and I judged nearly 500 stories.

11147256_10203161713123603_6272688347310557448_oThe school administrator and Principal give every child a special personal recognition for their achievement.  Win or lose, they all win – and they all get a certificate…and a confidence that they can do it!


If you wish to sponsor a ‘story writing’ contest at an Elementary school – send me a note and I’ll show you how.

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