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I am delighted that the first novel in my new Peckerwood Finch series – One More Last Dance – is receiving recommended read reviews worldwide.  It’s my first in this genre for me – adult suspense.  If you are a Grisham or Patterson fan, you will enjoy it.  If you were a Forrest Gump fan – you will have fun with it as well.  I’m working on outlines for the next books in this series.

In my novels I only write about what I know.  I write about firsthand experiences and from interviews with others.  I would never write about something or someone I haven’t had personal experience with.  My characters come from people I have met or known personally.  If I use their persona as a character in my book, that character would never say or do anything – the real person I use for my character wouldn’t say or do.  I’ve been complimented on my strong character development.

Please get a copy of One More Last Dance – by Jerry Antil – and begin the series journey along with me.

My first award-winning book series in a gentler genreThe Pompey Hollow Book Club books – begins its four books in 1949. They were written in my formal name Jerome Mark Antil. They take place in an upstate New York rural dairy farm community near Pompey, New York.  This series is a wholesome accurate accounting of life growing up in the shadows of WWII.  I was born in 1941.  I was there. The characters are all real – in many instances I used their real names.  Our adventures in the now four novels were tall tales all seeded in truth – and as any good storyteller owes its reader, they grow taller in the telling. 

I have written other books you may like – nonfiction.

The Long Stem is in the Lobby – a BOOK of the YEAR Finalist for nonfiction humor.  It’s about my life from age 17 to 31.

Return to Tiffany’s – true short stories of four Christmases in my life.

HANDBOOK FOR WEEKEND DADS – my best-selling self-help book for single dads.

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